Nimbl Appointments

We make taking bookings simple
An owner of a personal fitness company having a great time getting appointments.

Six Steps To Appointment

Six simple steps to get the appointment when you want it.
Happy person going through the appointment process
Selecting a date
Select A Date

Select the date you would like the appointment.

Selecting an appointment
Choose an Appointment Type

Select from the available appointment types on that date.

Selecting a practitioner
Pick Your Practitioner

For multi practitioner businesses choose who you want for your appointment.

Selecting a time
Decide When You Want It

Select the date you would like the appointment. We can also check slot availability from linked calendars


We ask for the minimum details to allow you to contact the person booking.

Paying the deposit
Pay the deposit

Pay the deposit set by you using either Paypal or Braintree.

Simple Set Up

Sign up and enter some simple details and we will start booking appointments today.

Reduce No Shows

Take deposits for your appointments. You decide what percentage deposit your customers pay over Paypal Or Braintree.

Use Your Calendar

We can send appointments straight to your existing Google Calendar, we can even check availability.